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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 7, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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next on "msnbc sunday" after the monster, the mid-atlantic digging following the legendary storm. we're going to size up the snowfall and show you how people are coping. also ahead, tragedy in the skies. two planes colliding in midair and incredibly there are survivors. for the people, that is what this movement is about. >> it's palin's tea party talk laced with fighting words. sarah palin rallies conservatives in a call for a new american revolution.
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>> betty white rocks. it is spot on. the commercial plays advertisers hope will score big in today's super bowl. good morning, everyone. i'm alex wet weathitt. it's 9:00 on the east coast. 6:00 out west. to the snow that might be over but it's still a mess for many areas in the mid-atlantic region. western maryland saw 3 feet of snow, records were also set in philadelphia. meanwhile, more travel headaches today. airlines are working to resume service in the region. the airports in d.c. and philadelphia look more like ghost towns yesterday. several airlines plan to resume some service today out of philadelphia. however, the d.c. area airports are expecting limited if any commercial flight activity today. and thousands remain without electricity this morning. utility companies have been working around the clock but some of those affect ready worried the power will not be back on in time for today's big super bowl game.
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nbc's mike viqueira at the white house for us. with another good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> the president is hosting a super bowl party today but i'm guessing we have the power on at the white house, no problem there? >> i was just thinking in your intro given the choice between a functioning television and furnace what would most choice? my guess is a furnace. the president is hosting a super bowl party with injured service men and women from the wars in iraq and afghanistan and members of congress from indiana and louisiana, but you're right, alex, record levels of snow in many regions and many areas. the regions, the suburbs just west of washington and baltimore received 30, 35 inches and more. the roads are treacherous. thousands are without power and now the big dig out from this storm is expected to last for days. >> reporter: it was a storm that lived up to its hype. dubbed snowmageddon, the storm stopped late yesterday but not after leaving many areas crippled.
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in washington, no flights in or out of all three major airports. busses didn't run and metro trains stayed under ground. at times the snow fell at 3 inches an hour, wet and heavy, it piled up on trees, snapping limbs and bringing down power lines. leaving thousands without electricity, with many still waiting this morning for the power to come back on. nbc's tom costello snow bound in the d.c. suburbs, filed this report on skype. >> we lost all of our heat and our power at about 1:00 in the morning. it came back at 1:00 in the afternoon. by that point it had dropped below 60 inside the house. >> reporter: in maryland, some areas measured up to 40 inches of snow, leaving roads impassable. in philadelphia, crews worked more than 24 hours straight. >> they are working very hard over 600 personnel, 350 pieces of equipment, from a number of agencies across the city government. >> reporter: at dulles airport in virginia, an airplane hangar partially collapsed. back in washington a
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100-year-old church demolished. in new jersey blizzard conditions at the shore. >> i'm getting sustained wind gusts of 35 miles an hour, but gusts 45 miles an hour at times and the snow is blowing and certainly the visibility has been reduced. >> reporter: even the presidential motorcade was affected when a branch suddenly fell on an suv filled with photographers. the president had already safely passed by. some made the best of it. even facebook to meet up at washington's dupont circle for a snowball showdown. and alex, unless you're in a four-wheel drive it's not adviceble to try to get out on these roads in washington. they're packed with ice. many remain impassable with fallen trees in the way. another storm coming here to the northeast and the mid-atlantic on tuesday. nobody, exactly nobody, is looking forward to that as the airlines and the airports remain open. the terminals are open, just no flights are coming in and out of national, dulles, baltimore washington international. philadelphia i'm told, they're going to try to get some flights
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started later today. >> mike viqueira, from the white house, thanks. where did the blizzard dump the most snow and wait until you hear what's in the forecast now. a little preview from mike. our meteorologist chris warren is jiang me with all of that. >> good morning. >> good morning to you, alex. this is a big storm, brought some big totals. we can talk about the numbers but let's take a look and see what all this snow, what the numbers look like on the ground. take a look at some video from the philadelphia area. and this is going to show once again, that we do have plenty of snow out there. and we're continuing to see that snow cause problems as far as people kind of disrupting their sunday. a lot of people want to watch the super bowl but now people have to worry about digging out, doing just that right there. you get a lot of snow over a couple of days, and it's going to take a few more days to really clear out. we just saw a little bit of video from dupont circle in washington, d.c. we also have some more of that video, i believe we can show you, right there look at that. having a good time. there's the upside. it is on the weekend.
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go out and have a little fun. you know, do a little snowball fighting there. get in on the action. but keep in mind if you are planning to take the kids out to do sledding today, it's very cold. the sun's out, but it's cold. then you factor in the wind, i was in staten island yesterday feeling the wind on my face and windchills around 12 degrees or so. a few minutes the face starts getting numb. take a look at some of these current windchill value right now. single digits in new york, philadelphia, washington, d.c. pittsburgh, zero. that's what it feels like on the skin. so we have this cold air and going along with all that snow. all these big numbers you see right here, a lot of people want to get out and play in it, but be safe when you're out there. it's cold. this is serious business when it gets this cold. clear skies throughout the eastern seaboard and we're going to see sunshine. but highs, alex, barely getting to the freezing mark throughout much of the northeast. does look like a nice day in miami at 68. >> to be there. thank you for that. well, that storm might be over, however the mess that it
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left behind is not going to be gone for days. possibly weeks. nbc's ron allen is here in studio with more on that for us. ron, another good morning to you. what are people dealing with out there today? they're dealing with a ton of snow. still a mess in a lot of places with some areas digging out more than three feet of snow. and this morning they're also hundreds of thousands of people in the dark without power and heat. utility companies saying they're working around the clock to get the power back on. here are some of the latest numbers that we have. more than 160,000 people in pennsylvania, without electrici electricity. 67,000 customers in washington, d.c. 59,000 in new jersey. and 44,000 in delaware. >> pretty rough. it's really slick, cold. we worry about, you know, our grandma at home. so we have to load up gas and keep her warm and our animals warm. it's been it tough. >> as we've been reporting, the airlines are struggling to get back on to schedule today as well. some airports were looking like ghost towns yesterday. several airlines plan to resume some flights today in the
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philadelphia area. and the d.c. area airports as we've been saying, are not expecting much commercial flight activity at all today. so despite all the travel delays and power outages some people are making the most of it. which is a pretty good idea. sledding in virginia. and here are some other interesting pictures. the fierce storm didn't stop the 17th annual polar bear plunge in virginia beach. >> oh, please. >> where hundreds took a quick dip in the atlantic ocean. an event for charity to help raise money for special olympics and a good cause, but a high price to pay. >> i know that thing renders me speechless on a day like that in that kind of weather. >> good cause. >> very much so. ron allen, thank you. we are also following some extreme weather out west. intense thunderstorms in california triggered mudslides and a wildfire burned area just north of los angeles. so now more than 40 homes are damaged, nine of them destroyed. at least a foot of mud is reported in some houses pushing furniture into the streets and sweeping cars away.
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>> it was just gushing water. you couldn't get out. >> it was an absolute torrent down here. cars rolling down the street at 5:00 in the morning. the whole house was shaking. >> fortunately no injuries have been reported and most evacuation orders have now been lifted. another round of rain could be hitting the area on tuesday. no thanks. msnbc is the place for politics. sarah palin in the spotlight as the first ever tea party convention draws to a close. palin told the tea party faithful, america is ready for another revolution and here now with more, andrea mitchell. nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent. host of "andrea mitchell reports" which airs week days at 1:00 p.m. on msnbc. >> good morning, alex. sarah palin delivered a red meat attack against barack obama. bringing the tea party crowd to its feet in what could be a preview of a future presidential campaign. >> i am so proud to be an american. >> reporter: sarah palin looked every bit the candidate, appealing to angry, independent
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voters, with sarcasm as she repeatedly went after president obama. >> now a year later i have to ask the supporters of all that how is ha hope-y, change-y stuff working out for you? >> reporter: her sharpest attackings directed at the president's counter terror policy especially the handling of the christmas day bomber. >> there are questions we would have liked this foreign terrorist to answer before he lawyered up and invoked our u.s. constitutional right to remain silent. to win that war, we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law standing at the lectern. >> reporter: palin went through a litany of issues at the heart of the tea party movement. anger at washington, wall street, big government, health a care reform and budget deficits. >> we're drowning in national debt and many of us have had enough. >> reporter: citing scott brown's senate victory in massachusetts as evidence of tea party power, palin urged supporters to get involved in
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primaries and avoid squabbles. after other tea party groups had boycotted their gathering. >> the tea party movement is not a top down operation, it's a ground up, call to action that is forcing both parties to change the way that they're doing business and that's beautiful. >> reporter: she made it clear she will use her political clout in the mid terms and beyond. and during a friendly q and a, her host raised the possibility of president palin. >> run sarah run. >> reporter: palin told the crowd america is ready for another revolution and she seems prepared to lead it. no longer discounting a possible run for president. today she's campaigning for the governor in texas, rick perry. he he's in a primary campaign. >> andrea mitchell, thanks for that. watch andrea mitchell reports week days at 1:00 eastern here on msnbc. nasa called off the scheduled launch of the space shuttle "endeavour." ist was supposed to lift off at 4:39 this morning but the cloudy
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skies made it a no go. they'll give it another try tomorrow morning at 4:14 a.m. so game day is finally here and tonight it's the indianapolis colts and the new orleans saints taking the field in super bowl xliv. nbc's mark potter joins us live from sun life stadium in miami with all of the game day preparations. it's an exciting time there. how are things looking? >> things are looking great on many levels, especially the weather. it's a gorgeous day already today. expected to be even better tonight at game time with clear skies like we're having now predicted, and also temperatures in about the mid 60s. may be dropping to the upper 50s by the end of the game. just absolutely perfect football weather. at 2:00 eastern time, the gates will open and the first of the some 74,000 fans will start moving in to this area. they'll go through the security area first before entering the stadium. the security here is very tight. it's being coordinated by some 60 agencies in law enforcement and the military. in the skies, armed helicopters and planes will be circling the
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area during the game to enforce a no-fly zone there. on the water, the u.s. coast guard has been out patrolling the waterways near the hotels and other venues where there have been super bowl events. on the ground are the security apparatuses in place here at the stadium. the dogs have been inside sweeping the stadium for bombs. a sophisticated, very sophisticated command center off site that's watching all this electronically. the federal officials are saying that despite the appearance of concern, and they are watching carefully, they really don't see any big credible -- any credible threat at all to this game and they are assuring the fans there's really nothing for them to worry about, that they are safe, but they are spending a lot of time and effort and money making sure that's absolutely true. again, with a very security effort. up in the northeast, because of the weather that you've been talking about, there are some concerns that some people may not be able to see the game because of power outages but that's not the case at the white house where president obama is going to be hosting a super bowl
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party today for members of his cabinet. some members of congress. and also some wounded u.s. service personnel who have been invited to come watch the game with the president along with their families. back to you. >> that's the place to be unless you're inside that stadium. by the way, mark, thank you for not calling me out when i talked about tom daltrey, you could have said alex you're a dork, roger dalty of the who. hadn't had enough coffee and there's my mea culpa. thank you, mark. >> that's okay. >> okay. still ahead, the catastrophe in the skies. two planes on a collision course and neither pilot appeared to realize it. cries for help and the answers that come in raging floodwaters. you're watching "msnbc sunday." . mom knows to use soothing puffs plus with lotion. plain tissue can irritate the sore nose issue. puffs plus with lotion is a more soothing tissue. reliable, high-quality vehicles has been our first priority.
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today three people are dead after a midair collision in the skies over boulder, colorado. here's what happened. a small plane clipped the tow line of another plane pulling a guider yesterday and then the two planes exploded. the fiery crash was captured on this amateur video. amazingly just moments before that collision, the glider had disconnected from its tow plane but had to go right through the fireball after the impact. however actually ending up landing safely. the three people on board the fwlidser were not injured the three dead were on board the small planes. the nation's capital is buried under nearly 2 feet of snow and people digging out from one of the worst snow storms in washington, d.c.'s history. thousands of people are still without power. a check on the situation from the weather channel's paul goodloe live in d.c. i know things are looking better because we can actually see the capitol behind you. this time yesterday no way. >> couldn't see it at all yesterday. you can see it today. the sun started coming out yesterday evening just before sun set. a brilliant sunset here in d.c.
9:21 am
and the sunrise, a very cold, frozen over capitol city here. you can see the capitol but the snow continues to stay here because temperatures right now, they're in the mid to upper teens. it's definitely cold out here. most roads are like here where we have next to me, this is north cap tol, louisiana, they are still snow packed. this has been plowed several times, but there's about at least a quarter inch of hard packed snow underneath here. so traveling around on the main roads, you can do it, they're not covered with snow, but they're definitely snow packed. 9 side streets are still packed with snow. we had a near blizzard here as we headed over the last 24, 48 hours. let's talk about some of the results. we're standing next to this building. we can pan up. an eight-story tall building and the wind and the snow, which was blowing and howling here over the last, say, 24, 36 hours, that's the result. if you ski, have been in the
9:22 am
mountains, that's the equivalent of a cornis. all this is built up on the edge of the building and that is at least, what, maybe 6 to 8 feet deep and poking out another perhaps three or four deep. when that thing comes down, alex, that's going to cause a huge thud as it falls on hopefully on the ground, but it might clip the very top of this restaurant, i think it's called johnny's half shell here on north capitol. it's going to have a humongous thud and we have our eyes on it. as the sun comes up it's going to warm things up and that sucker will start falling as we head throughout the next 12 or so hours in d.c. >> yikes. i hope it at least gets to melt a little first before it comes crashing down. you'll keep an eye on it. thanks paul goodloe. for the latest forecast in your area, logon to msnbc is the place for politics. sarah palin wrapped up the tea party convention with a keynote address that included a warning for democrats.
9:23 am
>> the obama/pelosi/reid agenda it's going to leave us less secure, more in debt and under the thumb of big government and that is out of touch and it's out of date and if scott brown is any indication, it's running out of time. >> i'm joined live from washington by columnist bob franken. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> can i tell you, every time i talk about sarah palin, here come the tweets. oh, my gosh. it's just -- it's -- she draws such passion out of people. my tweets tend to be on the negative side but anyway, what did sarah palin and the tea partiers accomplish in nashville and what did they not accomplish? >> you see, alex, i think your question suggests you're being hope-y change-y on us here. >> is that sarah palin speak? >> that's sarah palin speak. it's interesting she was at opryland. all i can think of is the old "achy breaky heart" song. maybe this is the follow up. what did it accomplish?
9:24 am
well, it certainly accomplished $100,000 to sarah palin and the more fuss cause that she's talking about. it was an awful lot of red meat. if you want to talk about the substance of the speech, the problem is there really wasn't very much. it was a collection of bumper sticker slogans for people who are already in the choir. they was preaching to them. and it was high drama. it was interesting to compare it to another event yesterday, and that was barack obama, president obama, going out to speaks to the democrats and as he was coming back a big tree branch fell on his motorcade. >> what about later today, palin will campaign for texas governor rick perry who's been in a pretty big race there. she'll campaign for john mccain, despite some bad blood between the two camps, not necessarily the candidates. what does that tell you about the power of sarah palin right now? >> she's amazing. i mean she is somebody who is so
9:25 am
last year if you want to think about it or even the year before, but she has maintained her staying power. she's earned very, very well marketed. >> can i ask you, is she a politician or is she a political celebrity? >> yes. yes. that's what a politician is these days. i mean let's be honest about it. barack obama won because he was the rock star candidate. if anybody believes that the relative merits of his arguments and substance had anything to do with it, it was really about his persona, it was about charisma, that has been the case for so many election years, probably since the advent of television and covering these kinds of things and she is just another manifestation of that. >> do you ever think she's going to run again? what's your gut tell you? not putting you on record. i know you're saying it on tv. do you think she's going to run for office again? >> the value of doing what we do is i don't have to be held in account in case i'm wrong.
9:26 am
i absolutely believe she's going to run. i think she's running for president, otherwise that and the fact that she's making a ton of money, there would be no reason for her to be doing all this. but why not. she does offer an alternative. she offers, how shall i say it, change that some people believe in. >> okay. bob franken, thank you very much. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> still ahead, when floodwaters rush, heros come to the rescue. you're watching "msnbc sunday." r they'll be in for a dry spell. [ male announcer ] dawn hand renewal with olay beauty. it helps your hands seal in moisture while you do the dishes. [ sponge ] who could have predicted that? [ male announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. that's right. enjoy the world's perfect pepper. pace. made right since 1947. hey, buddy. how's it going? what's up? what's shakin'? poppin'. crackin'.
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life on the line, rescuers in australia reach a young boy swept away in a rain swollen river. authorities carry out as many as 16 rescues amid widespread flooding. they received at least 90 calls for help from people caught off guard by all those raging floodwaters. look at that. the city of new orleans could get a really big jump on its mardi gras celebration and the party could get started in some hours if some super saints
9:30 am
can pull off an upset. a live report from the big easy coming up here on "msnbc sunday." there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. fancy feast appetizers. [dinner bell chimes] high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon in a delicate broth, without by-products or fillers. fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. shakes off dry winter skin with 2 separate ribbons. the white ribbon that cleanses and the body butter ribbon that moisturizes continuously leaving skin satiny smooth.
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let's get more on the massive cleanup going on along the eastern seaboard following the powerful winter storm. it was the worst snowstorm in the washington, d.c., area in 90 years. but the mess that it left behind won't be gone for days or possibly weeks with cold temperatures and more snow forecast for later this week. today d.c.'s metro trains are operating with underground service only. tens of thousands remain without power in several areas including d.c., delaware, pennsylvania, new jersey and some fear the power will not be back in time for the all-important super bowl later on today. more frustration at the airports in the region. the service is resuming in philadelphia but southwest airlines has canceled all service from the philadelphia airport today. we're also waiting to see if service will resume at reagan national and dulles airports in
9:34 am
the d.c. area. so let's get a quick check on the situation now, one of the hardest hit areas, derrick ward with nbc station wrc live in college park, maryland, with a good morning. how do things look out your way this morning? >> well, you can say i'm literally up to my knees in it. might want to take a look here. i have snow about up to my knees. this isn't the deepest of it. my feet aren't all the way on the ground. we've had upwards of 26 inches in some parts, especially in the city. this area of college park eight miles outside of the district, the home of the main campus of the university of maryland, we have been kind of hard hit. areas around here are without power. there's still several hundred -- i said several thousand folks without power in the area. you might want to take a look at the road. this is route 1, it has been treated and plowed, a convoy of plows went through here. still snow covered. they really can't treat it chemically until the temperature rises a little bit. the main concern is to get ready for the morning rush tomorrow
9:35 am
because a lot of businesses are open and we haven't heard anything from the federal government and the assumption is that the federal and local governments will be open. you may have something akin to a normal rush hour with something less than normal in terms of road conditions. as you said, the airports are closed and a bit iffy. we understand there are maybe 20 folks stranded at reagan national airport. they might have had flights that came in but the connecting flight didn't. the power outages they're working on those in d.c., maryland and virginia in this general area and most of what existed during the snowstorm existing now. still a state of emergency. folks are urged to stay off the roads unless they have to be so the plows can get out and prepare this for the week. of course the coming snowfall that's expected later in the week. >> okay. derrick ward, i have to say, despite being in knee deep snow, we caught you rocking out during the commercial to the rock music we were playing and you did a great job. there you go. >> thank you. >> led zeppelin does that to me.
9:36 am
>> little behind the scenes. thank you very much, derrick ward, with wrc. to meteorologist chris warren with a look at how much actually fell yesterday. unbelievable totals. >> absolutely amazing. and you know the kids are rocking out for sure. >> they're loving it. take a look at some of these numbers. looking more than two feet of snow for the whole storm. this is a lot of snow we're talking about here in philadelphia, baltimore. >> look at dulles. >> look at that. >> wow. almost 3 feet there. >> almost bury a yardstick. absolutely amazing. now clearing out. the low moving offshore. you can see much of the eastern seaboard in the clear. does not mean we don't have our problems. it's cold out there. you're out shoveling, taking the kids sledding, bundle up. you factor in the wind and it's going to feel even colder. this what is we don't want to see. see the blob in the four corners, that's the next area of low pressure merging with one in the northern plains. make our way into monday bring rain to the south and then
9:37 am
possibly another one for the mid-atlantic come tuesday night into wednesday. now this green is showing the moisture, we're going to have cold air in place. this time new york might not be so lucky. same story in boston. does look like it has a track farther to the north. that being said we're still a few days away and that track can change. so at this point, though, it looks like we're setting up to have one of the seasons that will be in the record books for sure. last storm in the record books for many spots, this could be looking back saying wow one after another. >> a tough week all over. too bad it couldn't be snowing like this in vancouver. they had to bring snow into the snow boarding events. >> thanks to el nino for that. thank you. a new weather system is starting to take shape as chris is telling us. find out if the weather storm is coming where you are logging on to the super bowl is in miami, but the big party is in the big easy. fans have been filling the french quarter excited about the
9:38 am
saints first ever trip to the big game. nbc's janet shandlin is the party girl in new orleans for us. good morning to you. >> alex, good morning to you. sort of an unusual dynamic here in new orleans. you think of a city with a steam going to the super bowl -- team going to the super bowl fans want to go to the stadium to see the game there. not in this case. new orleans is filled up. you could not get a hotel in the french quarter if you wanted to because it's packed with people flying into town so they can watch the game here. is the game itself and the saints run up to the super bowl, has been somewhat symbolic of the city's recovery from hurricane katrina five years ago. there's been so much emotion and passion here and if last night is any indication, there's going to be quite a big party here tonight, win or lose. but of course they're hoping to win and in anticipation of such, they have given kids the day off of school tomorrow. that's right. new orleans schools, no school tomorrow. indianapolis, they're playing it a little bit differently. they say we know the game will
9:39 am
be late, kids can come in one hour later. here in new orleans, win or lose, a big parade tuesday. no school on monday. i'll tell you what, alex, in about three or four hours, where i'm standing is going to be absolutely packed and i know that because it was packed yesterday at that time and this area is just going to be flooded with people. the good news is, economically, this has been a big weekend for the city. man na heaven is how they described it a couple days ago. they're happy to have folks celebrating and the big chant you're hearing "who dat" all over town. >> good to see new orleans has a reason to celebrate. thanks for bringing the story to us. voters in new orleans took time out to elect a new mayor. louisiana lieutenant governor mitch landrieu will replace the term limited ray naggen. landrieu comes from an active family, his sister mary is a senator and his father moon
9:40 am
landrieu served as the mayor in the 1970s. landrieu will be the first white mayor since his father left office in 1979. there was no love loss for the mainstream media at national tea party convention. after sarah palin delivered her keynote address she did a series of preapproved questions from the audience, an audience that aapparently shares her views when it comes to coverage of tea party events. >> in the instance that there were ever to be a conservative who were harassed in the media, what would you say to them? >> plow right on through it. really at the end of the day, who cares. what an irrelevant, lame stream media is going to say about you. who cares. >> wow. that hurts. i'm joined live by pulitzer prize winning journalist karen hunter and she teaches journal lifrm at hunter college and sabrina shazer is a visiting fellow. do we have anything to continue with or bow out? anyway, karen, the question to
9:41 am
you, does palin really not care what the media says? i mean she needs the media, right? >> yes, and no. she needs the media to continue to do what it's been doing. which is bolstering her supporters. the more negative the media is against sarah palin, the more her supporters love her and this whole who cares thing is brilliant, actually. she's right. she's spot on. this helps her tremendously. >> what do you think, sabrina, are they right to take issue with media coverage of the party events? >> i think karen is on to something. the fact is she wants to be out there, you know, lamenting the fact that we've moved away from constitutional limited government and self-reliance and need to reign in big government and to the extent she loses main stream media coverage that's a problem for her. she does need them to the extent she's a political celebrity as you were talking about and she needs to keep her face and name out there and the tea party will want that. they want to have someone who can give a little muscle to their message.
9:42 am
they need the media too. >> set this up like you're in one of your classes with your students. what do the tea partiers have to gain or lose from setting up this adver sarl relationship with much of the mainstream press? >> as of last week four in ten americans either had never heard of the tea party or didn't have an opinion about them. that's changing. and having sarah palin as their quote/unquote de facto spokesperson is certainly not going to hurt them as they spend spread an agenda of fiscal responsibility, smaller government and states rights and a lot of americans may jump on board with if they know what this whole movement is about. this is a very, very important stage for the tea party and having sarah palin do this last night, just put them in another place. this is perfect. >> but sabrina, "the new york times" reports that event organizers said anyone looking too crazy would have been tossed out of there. so clearly there is an awareness of a lot of the attention grabbing signs and costumes and
9:43 am
the coverage that follows, right if. >> there is, there's a little problem with it. one of the big problems we need to recalibrate the conversation. this is not a nationally organized movement and i think that's one of the problems with the mainstream media's coverage of it. there's this impression that tea party movement is sort of a third party. when, in fact, this is a grassroots network of people who have -- share grievances and sarah palin has caught on to that, but, you know, if you allow the mainstream media to have too much influence then i think they orchestrate the message incorrectly. >> okay. well, we here call it a movement. it's weird because the mona ker tea party movement, you come to that? >> i'm glad they stopped calling themselves tea baggers. i'm sure they got the memo. >> i think that it is a movement in the sense but it's a grassroots showing of support. this is not something that's
9:44 am
being orchestrated in washington by, you know, a few people in an office building here. this is people around the country who are angry about the direction that this country is moving in and they want to try to get out there and get rid of people in both parties who are not representing their best interests. >> sabrina, washington is capitalizing on this. they will be jumping on the tea party bandwagon and they are showing a lot of power in a lot of areas in the political realm so don't discount them. >> no, i agree. politicians on both sides jump on populist movements. doesn't necessarily mean this is being orchestrated by somebody here. i believe this is a ground swelling of support and interest from people all over the country, it has nothing to do with someone controlling the puppet string here in d.c. >> i was listening to both of you. karen said tea party and sabrina you said movement. this is interesting. okay. it's important. ladies, thank you so much. >> thank you, alex. still ahead, it's an ominous timetable for terror against the
9:45 am
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right now security concerns are paramount in miami ahead of today's super bowl. airborne security s.w.a.t. teams, a bubble over sun life stadium, 64 different agencies are working to keep that football game safe. homeland security secretary janet napolitano says there's no credible threat against the game but fears are heightened after this week's intelligence hearings on capitol hill. >> the question is, what is the likelihood of another terrorist attempted attack on the u.s. homeland in the next three to six months? high or low? director blair? >> an attempted attack, the priority is certain, i would say. >> mr. pin net ta? >> i would agree with that. >> mr. mueller? >> agree. >> general burjs? >> yes, ma'am, agree.
9:49 am
>> mr. dinger? >> yes. >> okay. on the heels how real is the threat. i'm joends by terrorism analyst evan coleman. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's look at what's happened at the super bowl. are you comfortable everything has been done and nothing is going to happen to that game? >> i don't think they have specific information leading to specific threats. i think the idea is more look, you have a big event, all the cameras are trained on it, it's international attention a lot of americans all gathered in one place. it's the ideal soft target for anyone, not just an organized terrorist group like al qaeda but a lone wolf. the idea is we want to make sure we have the things in place to make sure if anything is out of the ordinary, at least obviously so, we get it before it gets near a crowd. >> how have the lone wolf, i guess, security precautions been stepped up and wouldn't the super bowl be a perfect place for a lone wolf? >> it is. i think one of the first things we have to get over is the stereotype we have about terrorists or what terrorists look like or how they act. the problem with lone wolf terrorists or lone wolf
9:50 am
extremists is that they don't often fit any profile. they don't look like what we think an al qaeda member is going to look like, they don't look like what a terrorist is going to look like. some of these guys may be poorly armed, poorly coordinated, but, you know, the point is they're looking to make a statement. even if whatever they do doesn't succeed, if they get it in front of the cameras, if they make an international incident they have succeeded the same way omar abdulmutallab succeeded in the eyes of al qaeda by terrifying the american public. >> i want to get your thoughts on what we saw about the terror threat and the prospects of that all happening. you remember during the bush administration we saw the terror level raised three times after which there were no attacks. do you think that is effective? is that part of what goes into the psyche? >> we want to make sure people are aware and alert but we have to keep in mind something, we don't want to ter fi people and you can't predict terrorist attacks. it's like trying to predict rainbows or human emotion. you can't predict those things
9:51 am
in advance. to say there is a certainty that something will or will not happen within the next six months, i don't think that's a terribly wise thing to say. i think all you're doing is feeding into paranoia and then when nothing ends up happening, hopefully nothing ends up when ends up happening, people say maybe it wasn't a real threat. there is a real threat but let's deal with it in a mature way. trying to predict what will happen in advance, you just can't do that. if we have specific intelligence about a specific plot, let's take care of that in the background. but i don't think worrying the american people needlessly is the right way. if we just think there might be an attack, let's just say there is a threat and let's keep it at that. >> evan kohlmann, thanks for telling it like you see it. in a moment, seeing spots and dollar signs. a look at what super bowl advertisers will show you at $100,000 a second. that is next on msnbc sunday. so is campbell's healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium,
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today, over 100 million of you are going to come together to do one thing -- watch the super bowl. many can't wait to see the indianapolis colts take on the new orleans saints in super bowl xliv. advertisers are hoping their commercials during the game will be the thing that everyone's talking about on monday morning. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> betty white. we are all just loving that. everybody smiles when betty white comes on. >> we all love betty white. >> that's just one of the $1 million commercials you'll see during the super bowl. we're talking about this with amy palmer, in touch weekly's senior editor. what are these commercials? are they entertainment or are they big business? >> they're both. the thing about these commercials that's so important for people to realize is that these companies are saying we
9:56 am
have a worldwide platform to show what our business is about and what images we want to align our brand with. we saw that betty white commercial. we don't even know what company it's for but we're talking about it. that's the most important thing. >> we were talking at the commercial. we've got to take a look at this one. the next one is one of my very favorites, frito lay's dorito's. >> he got his dying wish. >> a jumbo casket full of doritos. >> that ought to work for at least a week. >> kyle, jalen. jalen, kyle. >> going to have your hands full -- >> keep your hands off my mama, keep your hands off my doritos. >> those ads, the last one, was done by just a regular citizen
9:57 am
in their doritos commercial. it was really big last year and the winner won $1 million and they started their own production company. so it was a platform for the average person to get into the business and now look at what's happening. everyone's involved and excited about it. >> this is a great one. what about automakers. five of them bought ads this go-round, including this one. let's take a look at it. >> -- starts with my great grandfather. it is a story of strength, triumph -- >> $37.08. paper or plastic? >> plastic. >> that's the magic word. >> green police! you picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy. ♪ the dream police are inside of my head ♪ ♪ the dream police come for me in my bed ♪ ♪ the dream police they're coming to arrest me oh no ♪ >> "green police." we have to admit, we had a little bit wrong tape with the
9:58 am
clydesdals. >> it sells the fact audi wants to say we are a responsible company, committed to the environment, we're responsible for making the world a better place. that message aligns itself with the audi brand. that's what you have to realize when you're watching these commercials, is that the images are aligned with the brand itself. >> okay. let's have you come back and look at some more of them. >> so great. >> amy palmer, thank you. straight ahead, the top of the hour headlines for you, including the heavy duty job facing millions of americans in the snow-plagued mid-atlantic states. plus the brake job. hey will toyota fix its once-prized prius.
9:59 am
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